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ed-leake-digital-marketing-influencerHey, I’m Ed Leake.

PPC Nerd, Founder, MD, Investor and Mentor.
Voted rising star in “PPC Hero Top 25 PPC Experts of 2016″.

Thanks for visiting my superBland™, coming soon page.

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or marketing professional looking to extract the very most from your advertising – I’m going to help you.

Yeah, you’ve heard it before..

I really dislike fakers, so-called internet ‘gurus’ and self-proclaimed experts.

You know the ones, running a penniless business (from their broom cupboard) but preaching about the millions they’ll make you.

The internet feeds the BS machine.

The proverbial minefield.

So how do I know what works?

My agency
manages Millions in monthly ad spend, has over 50 retainer clients and a client retention rate of 97%.

I like honest, direct advice that you can apply immediately.

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