Are you my Content Engine Manager?


Do you want to work with one of the greatest minds of the 21st Century?

Sadly, that’s not me.

But I am pretty good at Google Ads, and I know a thing or two about building a digital agency.

Good luck making that interesting.

Anyway, you know all this because you’ve already read my homepage and social profiles, right… right?

Thing is, not enough people out there know this stuff.

And I need to make more people aware so that my evil capitalist empire expands. If you’re interested I have some specific goals I can share with you too.

In short, you and I will be on a mission to share my wisdom with a wider audience who’ve yet to experience me. Those lucky bast…

That means you’ll be working closely with me.

But don’t worry – I’m not here to hold your hand.

And as this is a remote position, there’s no concern that I might try to either.

With that out of the way…

What’s the job Ed?

Take my mundane content, add creative touches that don’t feel boilerplate, craft and distribute my message across ‘all the socials’.

Hence the title of “Content Engine Manager”, as that’s what you’d be building here.

What does that actually mean?

Here’s a list of your responsibilities:

  • Create shorts and highlights from my videos
  • Create text and image based content to support the video content
  • Repurpose and share them across all the socials
  • If you can’t edit videos yourself, I can give you a budget to work with a video editor
  • Formulate ‘scroll-stopping’ headlines (without being cheesy or overly click-bait)
  • Schedule and monitor content, engage with the audience, block the wankers
  • Anything your experience tells you I’ve missed

This is for you if:

  • You’ve done this sort of thing before (I need someone experienced who doesn’t need my constant supervision)
  • You love content creation and distribution where you can put your creative juices to work on each social platform
  • You would take great pleasure and satisfaction helping grow my ‘half decent’ personal brand further
  • You want to work remote and with flexible hours
  • You are happy doing a simple task (I will pay you) to see if we’re a good fit

And the perks are?

I’m happy to pay for training that will help you progress your skill-set. That includes any non-fiction books you need (so not 50 Shades of Grey).

Look, there are no other perks – yet.

This starts off part-time (unless you convince me it needs to be full-time).

If things go well we can discuss perks and stuff.

Does this sound like something you’d actually enjoy?

By that I mean, a job you want to get out of bed for and not require half a gallon of coffee just to open your laptop.

Then please apply – complete the application form here.

This job went live 4th February 2023.

There’s no official closing date as I’d rather wait to find the best person.

Hopefully that’s you.

Thanks for reading,