I’m looking for an Ed clone – could it be you?

*wig and boring clothes sold separately

Around mid-November I was suffering from burn out.

There were too many things on my plate and my output dropped through the floor…

I took a break between xmas and new year to consider 2022, how I wanted to build on the positives and focus down.

This is what it looked like:

The mission: help every Google Ads professionals and agency owners master their craft, deliver value and remain relevant in an automated world.

And what it means in terms of jobs:

  • Forge = provide more value than I charge for
  • God Tier Ads = improve with ongoing commitment to free updates
  • AdEvolver = steer the product, support customers
  • Agency = help steer the ship, but hands-off

Yes – that’s still 4 jobs.

(I’m not looking for pity – I’m generally very happy and content)


The stuff I’m ‘expected to do’ on top of all that:

  • Collaborations
  • Emails
  • Support
  • Graphic design
  • Script video content
  • Record video content
  • Edit and publish video
  • Social media… all of it
  • Blog writing
  • Website stuff
  • Create and build the free stuff
  • Promotion of all the above, everywhere and ongoing

Why not just… stop?

Firstly, I don’t want to stop – I just want to rebalance.

And secondly, because if you stop promoting or producing you slowly fail.

There’s no free lunch.

You can’t just expect people to magically appear before you and throw their hard earned money at your feet.

We all need money to keep the cogs of life turning.

But there are certain things you can delete.

For example, people who post on social media all day do so to look good.

But they need to look good, because they aren’t good at the doing part.

Otherwise they’d be too busy doing.

That’s why the list of stuff can be thinned down.

At Christmas I promised myself I’d stop being active on social media because it’s my least favourite thing.

But I broke my promise.


To reiterate – I need to focus on giving value beyond a ‘post’ or blog or tweet.

Demonstrate by doing.

For me that’s the products, the email and perhaps video.

Even though it’s been nearly a decade since I made my first video – I still get nervous and screw up, but I know it helps people and is high value.

It’s also good ‘branding’ and will attract the right people and push away the wrong people (bad fit, poor sense of humour).

So you’ve read this far…

If you hadn’t guessed by now:

I need someone to help me – this is an open audition because I don’t know exactly what I need, but I do know it’s help.

You probably have a job already.

So it could be part or spare time, this doesn’t have to be a 30+ hours a week thing. It should be focused on the right things.

It could even be a profit share.

I am open to suggestions, don’t be afraid to tell me what you bring and want from it.

But first…

What I believe to be the core areas of assistance:

  1. God Tier Ads updates, support me with those (it goes without saying you need to be highly experienced with Google Ads).
  2. Ready-to-go content from my ideas, draft to published, but you also know when a tweak or addition is required.
  3. You actively hunt out and keep on top of updates etc. You actively test (and break) stuff like me, so you know what works.
  4. Website tweaks – I would like a dedicated, simple God Tier website and have the training (Podia) on a sub-domain. This is a mini-project that we’d budget for.
  5. Help me with video ideas/scripts/decks.
  6. Take my raw video recordings and produce something nice (if you can do it, great – if not I can budget for it).
  7. Upload videos to YT with the appropriate details.
  8. I feel like I don’t need to be active on all social media, but open to suggestions.
  9. Promotion #1 my email list (I can handle this).
  10. And #2 paid traffic (i.e. YT in-feed).

Promotion draws people to my personal site (email cap) or God Tier (email and sale) and my product (free trials).

Honestly, at this point I’m just open to suggestions.

If you’re serious, you need to conjure up your experience, expertise, and spellbind me with it!

*no need to send me a picture of your wand

I’ve purposely made this a long read because a) I wanted to share honest details and b) ward off those that… well, can’t be arsed to read before they leap.

I need someone really good and properly committed, after all – I’m going nowhere.

Where do we go from here?

Step 1: Complete this form.

There’s no deadline as such, rushing in to this is a lose-lose for us both.

Step 2: I crunch through the auditions and send back any questions.

Then we hop on a call and flesh things out.

Then we start on a trial period (2-3 months).

Then if all goes to plan, we commit for the year ahead.

Then I can make bread at the weekend instead of worrying about stuff.

Thanks for reading,