God Tier Ads Guru in Training

Does this sound like you?

You are really good at Google Ads.

And if you have actual real friends – they call you ‘the PPC nerd’.

The Google Ads announcement blog is possibly your favourite page on the internet.

Your idea of a ‘fun’ bedtime story is rewatching one of my YouTube videos.

You often find yourself disagreeing with PPC ‘expert’ posts on social media.

And you once considered getting a tattoo of the GAds logo on your left buttock.

If that sounds like you…

Well, you might need professional help.

But also, you might be the right person for this job!

What job is that?

I need your help updating the God Tier Ads (GTA) training product.


Here’s the thing…

I offered to update GTA forever, for free.


Because no one else offers that level of ongoing value.

And I like to give BIG value.

In fact, I was going to change my name to Ed “Big Value” Leake. But the wife said she would leave me… so I tabled that idea (for now).

Anyway, I want to remain a man of my word.

The mission of free updates must continue!

*Obviously, you won’t be working for free.


I’m very busy. And I’m finding it ever more difficult to keep on top of Google updates.

That also means you need to be confident and not require my hand holding.

You need to be confident in your abilities and only ask me for spot checks.

With your help, we will not only keep the GTA contents updated but improve it further.

The mission of GTA has always been to have the most complete and up-to-date Google Ads training product on the planet.

That mission hasn’t changed.

And this is your chance to be part of it.


Your workflow will look something like this:

  • Keep a log of Google Ads updates with summaries and comments
  • Update the GTA framework where needed
  • Create additional supporting documents and sheets
  • Update and revise existing supporting docs
  • Make notes of frequent questions inside the Facebook group
  • Ensure the GTA product answers those questions
  • Bring ideas to the table

This role will start off part-time.

If things go well you will have the option of working full-time on the project.

Opportunity to build your personal brand.

Performance pay will become an option.

Are you ready to join the mission?

Then you should apply today.

*Please note, you need to create an account so I can capture your name and email.


This is a remote, work from home position.

There is no deadline, I will wait until I find the right person for the role.