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Ed Leake

Hi there, I'm Ed Leake,

I was one of the first 0.00001% of the world’s population to own a domain name and monetise a website.

You'd think after all these years I'd know how to build a nice looking website.

But this one will do.

You’re probably wondering … who is Ed anyway?

  • I built my first website back in 1996... because, nerd.
  • I have a few decades of experience in this internet stuff.
  • I’ve managed over $150 Million in ad spend (and counting).
  • I'm an Agency owner, Saas product owner, Ad Tech builder, ppc-nerd, investor and mentor.
  • I've been running my agency Midas Media for over a decade.
  • I acquired Adboozter, the cost-effective alternative to Wordstream.
  • And I launched AdEvolver - to help you level up your Google Ads performance.

Nerds know stuff.

I help people grow their businesses from little to large, using PPC (pay per click advertising) and Analytics. With a big dollop of conversion optimisation thrown in for good measure – pun intended.

That’s nerd (not guru) power!

The stuff I share with you is what drives my own business strategies and client wins.

Come join my private group, ask questions and level up your results - request access here.

I’m a devout workaholic, coffeeholic and motorsportholic; but I refuse to admit my addictions. ☕️

Thanks for stopping by,


ps: I frequently get asked for consulting - my rate is $1,000 per call (typically an hour, may include a follow-up). Please click here check my limited availability. Sorry - because of excessively high demand, I'm not currently taking on new clients.

pps: Are you looking for my ppc checklist, God Tier Ads?

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